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BJJ247 Rankings 2016



Points for rankings


2 man divison + 2 points
4-8 man divison + 4 points
8-16 man divison + 6 points
16+ man divison + 8 points



GI Divisons Rankings
Male >> White >> Adult
Hayden Myers  Forge Martial Arts 10
Plinio Barai  Lucio Sergio BJJ 10
Meshal Alhajimohammed Forge Martial Arts 10
Pawel Pajak  BST Northampton  8
Paul Anderson  Stealth BJJ  8
Daryl Small  10th Planet Birmingham 8
Edward Bretherton Preston Sukata  8
Alex Vernon  Fighting Fit  6
Benjamin Holt  MMA Academy Liverpool 6
Norman Russell  M4TC Fight Academy 6
Kevin Turner  SBG UK   6

Male >> White >> Master >>

1st Curtis Morgan       SGB UK   10
2nd Kasper Lasecki      BBB   8
2nd Slav Wojcik  Fighting Fit Grapplers 8
3rd Alec Robinson Team Sukata  6
3rd Greg Raper  DMAC   6
Male >> White >> Senior
1st Anthony Hall Forge Matial Arts 8
2nd Paul Anderson Stealth BJJ  8
3rd Kevin Waterhouse Warrior Martial Arts         6
George Lees  Warrior Martial Arts 10
Majid Gilani     10  Fighters Hive  8
John Moffat  MMA Academy  10
Alex Eyres  Lucio Sergio BJJ 10
Darryl Small     8
Benjamin Gratton SBG UK   8
Mike Reay  Gracie Barra Preston 8
Richie Worrol     8 Brassa 99
Radoslaw Romanek Grace Barra Preston 8
Nick Fenwick  Combat Base  8
Liam Grindrod  Next Generation  6
Matthew Turner  Voodoo Combat Base 6
Ethan Whike  Checkmat  6
Dave Thompson  NGT Combat Base  6
Bartosz Pietrowski Next Generation  6
Brett Harrison  Forge Martial Arts 6
Liam Grindrod  Next Generation  6

Male >> Blue >> Master >>
1st Majid Gilani Fighters Hive  8
2nd Paul Watson  Phoenix FT Jiu Jitsu 6
Male >> Purple >> Rankings
Hafiz Islam             Checkmat  10
Laurence Irving  Checkmat  10
Greg Cook  Warrior Martial Arts 8
Lee Whitehead  Enigma   8
Abdul Choudhury  SBG UK   8
Alan Howcroft   Stealth bjj  8
Stephen Bowie  Combat Base  8
Luke Lofters  nine nine  6
Sam Kaye  Gracie Barra Preston 6
Adil Uddin  Arlans Siqueira  6
Hazif Islam Hamid Checkmat  6
Alan Howcroft     6



NOGI WOMEN >> Beginners
1st Bezhan Mahmudi  Next Generation MMA 10
2nd Maia Holmes                 Forge Martial Arts      8
2nd Becky Bursnoll  Warrior Martial Arts 8
4th Sophie Keenan  Next Generation  6
4th Steph Queen                 MMax                    6

NOGI MEN >> Beginners >> RANKINGS
Kevin Turner          SBG UK   10
Alex Vernon          Fighting Fit Grappling 10
Thomas Glover          MMA Academy Liverpool 10
James White          Impact MMA Wresxham 10
Ryan McMahon          MMA Academy  10
Mark Butterworth          Mundo   8
Edward Bretherton         Preston Sukata  8
Michal Massalski         Gracie Barra Preston 8
James Curtin          Fighting Fit Stone 8
Curtis Morgan          SBG UK   8
Norman Russell          M4TC Fight Academy 8
Mustafa Alan          Checkmat  6
Cal Rawson          Forge Martial Arts 6
Benjamin Holt          MMA Academy Liverpool 6
Meshal Alhajimohammed         Forge Sheffield  6
Christian Lawrenson         MPR Academy  6
Szymon Lisiak          Ippon Gym  6

1st Kasper Lasecki  BBB   10
2nd Peter Jones          MPR Academy  8
3rd Michael Whittle  Lucio Sergio BJJ 6

1st Slav Wojcik          Fighting Fit Grapplers 8
Andy Fu           Next Generation MMA 6


NOGI WOMEN >> Intermediate >> Rankings
1st Edyta Opalka  Carlson Gracie  10
2nd Flavia Masini  RGA Gymbox  8
3rd Lesley Harrison          Origin BJJ Newcastle 6
NOGI MEN >> Intermediate >> Rankings
Antonio Sheldon          SBG UK   10
Ethan Whike           Checkmat BJJ  10
Ben Gratton                     SBG UK                  10
Jack Grant          Doncaster Martial Arts 10
Lewis Bayley                    Fighting Fit Grappling  8
Hayden Myers                    Forge Martial Arts      8
Piotr Pajak          London Shootfighters 8
Kieran Flaherty          CFS BJJ   8
Daryl Small          10th Planet Birmingham 8
Aaron Jordan          Next Generation MMA 8
Mike Reay             Gracie Barra Preston  8
Kieran Flaherty          CFS BJJ   6
Leuan Lewis           IPC Wrexham  6
Matthew Turner          Voodoo Combat Base 6
Dan Rooney                      SBG UK                  6
Mason Cooper          Doncaster Martial Arts 6
James Kirkham                   MMA Academy Liverpool   6
Joe Katterfield          Combat Base HQ  6

NOGI MEN >> Intermediate >> Master >> Rankings

1st Matthew Pickering         Lucio Sergio BJJ 10
2nd Benjamin Gralton          SBG UK   8
2nd Ant Miles          Mundo MMA  8
2nd Majid Gilani         Fighters Hive   8
3rd Paul Watson          Phoenix FT jiu jitsu 6
3rd Pawel Famurat  Ippon Gym  6
3rd Tim McKnight  CFS BJJ   6
3rd Nick Fenwick  Combat Base  6

NOGI MEN >> Intermediate >> senior >> Rankings
1st Rob Collyer          Warrior Martial Arts 8
2nd Noel Callan          RGA Gymbox  6


NOGI MEN >> Advanced >> Rankings
Sam Kaye          Gracie Barra Preston 10
Harry McKnight          Next Generation  10
Lee Whitehead            Enigma BJJ  10
Stephen Bowie          Combat Base  8
Jordan Desborough         SBG UK   8
Chris Davidson          Fighting Fit Stone 8
Stuart Meschia          Viva Combat Base 8
Adam Corrie          Icon   8
Abdul Choudhry          SBG UK   6
Lawrence Irving          Checkmat  6
Daniel Havelock          Kenny Baker BJJ  6
Luke Lofters          Brassa 99  6
Nick Fenwick          Combat Base  6

NOGI MEN >> Advanced >> Seniors >> Rankings
1st Maciej Ploch  Ippon Gym  8
2nd Adil Uddin          Arlans Siqueira  6


NOGI MEN >> Beginners >> Absolute
1st Alex Vernan          Fighting Fit  10
2nd Norman Russell  Made for the Cage 8
3rd Kasper Laseck  BBB   6
3rd Edward Brotherton         Sukata Preston  6

NOGI MEN >> Intermediate >> Absolute
Ben Gratton          SBG UK   10
Majid Gladi          Elements BJJ  8
Matthew Turner          Voodoo Combat Base 6
Lewis Bayley          Fighting Fit  6

NOGI MEN >> Advanced >> Absolute
1st Jordan Desborough         SBG UK   10
2nd Luke Lofters         Brassa 99  8
3rd Sam Kaye          GB Preston  6
3rd Maciek Ploch         Ippon Bournemouth 6

NOGI WOMEN >> Beginners >> Absolute
1st Maia Holmes          Forge Martial Arts      10
2nd Bezham   Next Generation  8
3rd Steph Queen          MMax   6

NOGI WOMEN >> Intermediate >> Absolute
1st Edyta Oplka          Carlson Gracie  8
2nd Jacquie Espelle  nine nine

Male >> White >> Absolute

1st Norman Russell M4TC Fight Academy 10
2nd Edward Bretherton   Preston Sukata 8
3rd Alec Robinson Team Sukata 6
Kasper Lasecki  BBB  6
Women >> White >> Under 64kg
1st Maia Daily     8
2nd Becky Bursnoll    6

Gracie Barra Nottingham’s Sean Coates takes purple belt Europeans package

Gracie Barra Nottingham’s Sean Coates takes purple belt Europeans package

Victor Estima student and long revered purple belt talent, Sean Coates, left Blackpool on Sunday

knowing he was heading to the IBJJF Europeans in January, courtesy of BJJ247.

He secured that knowledge after clutching gold in the purple belt absolute, winning a prize package

from which will see him flown to Lisbon, Portugal in January – with accommodation

and entry fee included.

Speaking on the day, fresh off a successful day in the office, Sean said:

“I feel good, really, really good.” Sean beamed. “It’s great that in Jiu-Jitsu we’re getting more and

more professional deals and professional competitions. This event attracted all the best purple belts,

there were loads of guys and I managed to get the win.”

The purple belt absolute included Kojak’s Sukata purple belt standout and long-time opponent Lee

Simpson, BJJ247 referee Phil Clegg, Sebastian Szyszka – Abu Dhabi silver medallist, technical

supremo Lukasz Baranowski and Grant Short, a seasoned competitor from Team Lagarto Teeside –

amongst others.

“I was keeping an eye out for which guys entered and there were loads of guys that I knew and had

fought loads before. There were recognised names and obviously when there’s a big prize on offer

that you want to go and get, you have to be prepared for everybody.”

With upcoming white belt and female absolute Europeans packages to compete for, Sean shared

some of his knowledge ahead of the Brighton International Open next weekend.

“When it comes to the absolute I would say you should definitely not go with the flow. I’ve fought in

a lot of absolutes and had a fair bit of success but your tactics for an ultra-heavyweight shouldn’t be

the same as the tactics for a super featherweight. You have to consider the physical characteristics

of a person like the shape, mass and proportion of a person as well as their movement, speed and

strength. Obviously you don’t want to be on bottom if you’re against a big guy!

You also have to consider the way you play guard, playing De La Riva against an ultra heavyweight is

probably not the best idea. Spider guard is probably better so you can keep him away, but with a

small guy you don’t want to give him an inch of space. It’s about learning to take each fight as it

comes, changing your tactics and method of winning. That’s how you’ll get absolute success in the

long term, rather than being stubborn and sticking to what you’re comfortable with.”

Sean returned straight to back to training at Gracie Barra Nottingham, with the European’s in mind,

believing the prize represents peace of mind, as well as a chance to become European champion.

“It’s a massive opportunity. I went for the Europeans this year and I got silver, just falling short. I felt

it was a good performance for my first year, I beat some really tough guys, including one guy who is

considered one of, if not the best purple belt in the World, but I fell just short when I got to the final.

So to have another crack at the whip – I’m absolute chuffed! To have that set in stone, rather than

worrying about saving up or finding a place to stay is a really big deal. It’s a huge aim of mine to

become the European champion.

Silver is never a nice medal to get, so I have another chance to perfect it this year. To get purple gold

is going to be sweet, I really, really want it.

The great thing about these packages, like the blue belt package that was won in Birmingham as well

as all the upcoming packages, is that when you win you don’t just get the guarantee of going, but

you get the confidence and momentum by winning. You enter knowing you deserve to go, instead of

paying to go, which gives a huge psychological boost. All these other guys wanted this great prize,

but I won it so psychologically it’s great.

You get a financial boost and a confidence rush that you deserve”

Introducing George Tolley

George Tolley is a orange belt under Neil Simkin and has been competing regularly for many year.His achievements to date are as follows:

  • 2014 pan ams bronze
  • 6 x British gi gold
  • 2x nogi British silver English
  • uma gold
  • 2x naga gold
  • 2x Nottingham open gold
  • Bjj 24/7 Manchester gold
  • Bjj 24/7 Blackpool double gold

We look forward to seeing more of George at our competitions and wish him all the success in the future.

Introducing Micah Naisbet

Micah Naisbet is 10yrs old and a yellow belt under Arron Nesbit training out of checkmat. His achievements to date have been very impressive and we look forward to seeing him in action in the near future.

  • N.A.G.A United Kingdom yellow belt Expert Champion
  • 2014 British Bjj Champion yellow belt
  • 2014 Blackpool grab and pull champion yellow belt
  • 2014 Nottingham open Bronze Medal yellow belt
  • 2014 Checkmat inter-club Champion yellow belt
  • 2014 Tryst Open Freestyle wrestling Champion
  • 2013 Derbyshire open bronze
  • 2014 British Freestyle wrestling Champion
  • 2014 British Novie Freestyle wrestling Silver medal
  • Tryst open freestyle freestyle wrestling silver medal 2014
  • Nottingham bjj Championship Bronze 2014
  •  Junior National Freestyle wrestling Champion 2015
  • Manchester invitational Open Bjj Championships Gold
  • 2015 Junior National Brazilian Jiu jitsu championships Silver
  • 2015 NAGA UK Silver Gi Silver NoGi.
  • 2015 British Championship Silver
  • 2015 Birmingham international bjj open Gold
  • 2015 Blackpool international bjj open Gold

Introducing Danyal “Ninja” Azad

We are delighted to support Danyal as we have helped Danyal out ever since he was a young boy its great to see how he has developed into such a great competitor and young man and we look forward to seeing himin action in the future.Incase you don’t know Danyal have a look at some of his achievements:

  • 6 x British champion gi no gi
  • Naga Germany 2014 double gold
  • Naga UK 2014 double gold
  • Pan kids 2015 silver
  • Pan kids 2012 bronze
  • Bjj 24/7 Birmingham open Gold
  •  Birmingham open Gold
  • Southern open Gold
  • 2 x Northern Gold
  • 2 x Blackpool open Gold
  • Brighton open  Gold

Introducing Charli Simkin

Charli Simkin  is a Blue Belt under her father Neil Simkin and has been taking the Blue Belt scene by storm this year. Charli’s achievements so far has shown that she has a bright future in grappling and we are delighted to support her.Some of her Achievements to date are;

2012 Kids Pan Am Bronze Medalist

2014 Kids Pan Ams Champion

4x NAGA Europe Champ

Europeans juvenile Silver Medalist

11x British Champion (gi & no gi)

Bjj 247 Manchester gold

Bjj 247 Birmingham double gold

Bjj 247 Blackpool gold

Introducing Isa “Monstro” Rahman

Isa ‘Monstro’ Rahman Age 7 Weight 28kg Yellow belt Team Brasa/NineNine under Professor Austin Gardner  and is Also in the Kids UK Elite Squad. Isa has been training BJJ for only 2 years. He also does Muay Thai,Boxing,judo and capoeira his achievements this year are as follows

  • Gfteam interclub champion
  • Pan ams kids silver medalist
  • Nogi English open champion
  • Junior national champion
  • British bronze medalist
  • Tuff Grappling champion
  • Naga UK expert champion Gi nand NoGi
  • Naga UK silver medalist 34 kg Naga UK Silver medalist 9-10 34kg
  • Naga German expert champion Gi and NoGi
  • Birmingham bjj24/7 open champion
  • Birmingham bjj24/7 silver medalist 9-10 34kg
  • Bournemouth open champion
  • Southern league gold medalist

Everyone at BJJ247 is looking forward to seeing Isa compete on the circuit this year and wishing him good luck for future events.

Battle at the Ballroom – Purple belts aim to shine

Battle at the Ballroom – Purple belts aim to shine

BJJ247 returns to the historic and grand setting of the Blackpool Tower Ballroom on Sunday to hosting the 4th Blackpool International Open, with an added incentive for purple belts, who will have the chance to win an all-expenses paid package to compete in the IBJJF Europeans 2016.

Spectators , staff and competitors alike will be gearing up to watch the purple belt absolute from the elegant stalls and balconies of the ballroom, which dates back as far as 1891, as some of the best purple belts in the country have registered their names to compete for the package. The Tower was previously the home of the Blackpool Open and welcomes BJJ247 back with open arms following a venue hiatus in 2014.

Listening to competitor feedback, BJJ247 will run the adult purple gi divisions in the morning and provide competitors with an hour break before the absolute starts. This will ensure all competitors who register for the absolute are in the best condition to win the package. Alongside the Europeans prize, provided and the Bad Boy Gi bundle worth over £180 by the BJJ Shop, the absolute winner will be featured on the BJJ247 website, giving a large amount of exposure for the athlete who emerges top of the pile.

Spectators and competitors alike will know the purple belt absolute will be a spectacle with the Birmingham International Open setting the bench mark. Carlson Gracie London’s Mateusz Flaga took gold in the blue belt absolute and secured entry, accommodation and travel to Lisbon in January and Gi bundle courtesy of the BJJ Shop, during an action packed day at the Doug Ellis Woodcock Sports Centre in Birmingham.

There has been a large amount of purple belts register ahead of the event, with some big names on the domestic circuit, including: Sean Coates, a Progress Jiu-Jitsu sponsored athlete and highly decorated purple belt under Victor Estima. Sebastian Szyszka, a powerful and explosive competitor, fresh off Abu Dhabi silver medal success under Lucio Sergio dos Santos. Both Lee Simpson and Steven Playfair who went to war at the TUFF Invitational this weekend in Essex – Lee is one of the most active competitors in UKBJJ and trains under Scott ‘Kojak’ Pickering and Charlie McDonald, two Mario Sukata black belts, and Steven is an experienced and dangerous competitor having competed and trained under Rick Young, one of the first black belts from the UK. Team Lagarto Teeside’s Grant Short has also registered, as has Oliver Falkingham of Gracie Barra Preston, who made waves at blue belt, looking for his first taste of success following his recent promotion.

Phil Clegg, an extremely experienced Ultra Heavyweight and BJJ247 referee will also compete, as will Nadip Khera, one of the most active competitors in the UK – from one of the country’s most respected gyms in Gracie Barra Birmingham, the home of Braulio Estima.

Ahead of the event, BJJ247 Director Lawrence Dutton said:

“July 12th 2015 will now always be an important weekend in my BJJ247 journey. BJJ247 are bringing BJJ back to the Blackpool Tower Ballroom – the battle in the ballroom!” Dutton explained.

“This iconic venue always gives goose bumps as a standard and we are really happy to have signed a 2 year exclusive deal with the Tower, meaning competitors can look forward to 2016 already.

The last event in Birmingham brought world class Blue Belts threw the doors resulting in some amazing matches and Im really pumped about watching the Purple Belt divisions never mind the Absolutes. I see guys like Steven Playfair, Sean Coates, Lee Simpson, Dez Parker and Grant Short competing at our events regularly, so to be able to offer them such an amazing prize to compete for is a dream come true.

I hope you all enjoy the Blackpool International BJJ Open and see you all in Brighton!”