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Jack Magee issues open challenge to compete for BJJ 247 free Euros package

Jack Magee issues open challenge to compete for BJJ 247 free Euros package

Lucio ‘Lagarto’ Rodrigues black belt, Jack Magee, has issued an open call for black belt opponents

who have been given the opportunity to compete for a free trip to the Europeans in 2016.

Introduced by BJJ247 earlier prior to the Scottish Open, any black belt competitor is given free entry

to compete at all BJJ247 tournaments, with upcoming opportunities in the Southern, Birmingham,

Brighton, Northwest and Liverpool open, amongst others.

BJJ247 will present the opportunity for black belts to win a place in a league system, with each

medal accumulating points which will be tallied up at the end of the year. The winner will receive

flights, entry and accommodation for the IBJJF Europeans in Lisbon, Portugal held next year,

completely free.

Magee, a well-known figure in UK BJJ, has made an early start by securing double gold at the

weekend. He expects more black belts to take advantage to hone their skills and gain valuable

experience completely free throughout the year. Speaking at the Manchester Open, he said:

“I definitely want to come back. I’m going to do as many as I can and it’s such a good idea! I had four

fights today, you can’t complain at that.

It’s a no brainer. If someone is offering you something for free for doing something you love, why

wouldn’t you do it?

“Obviously with my modelling career now I’m not desperate for money and there are other Jiu-Jitsu

guys who aren’t as fortunate with their looks as me [laughs] but I’m surprised there aren’t more

black belts clutching at this yet, with the prize on offer as well.

In a rallying call that he will fight whomever it takes, he issued a statement to other black belts and

called for them to step up and meet him on the mat, with nothing to lose. Affirming that he will be

waiting for any opponent, at any event.

“You can expect to see me compete if I’m injured, you can expect to see me compete if I’m tired. I’ll

always be ready to compete no matter what. If I’m not tied up that weekend then you can expect to

see me there to compete against. You’ve always got a match if you want one.

I know for a fact there were other black belts at the Manchester Open today. They may have their

reasons for not competing but come on, jump on the mat!

Don’t be worried about your reputation with your students or what people are going to think of you

if you win or lose. I’ve competed nearly every weekend this year so far… and I haven’t won them all.

But I’ve still got the same students, I’ve still got the same friends and training partners about me.

It’s great, it cleanses your Jiu-Jitsu. You’re always going to improve and you’re putting it on the line if

On the day he ended up fighting out of his usual weight category but welcomed the challenge with

open arms, rising to the occasion and submitting every opponent in the elite no-gi and no-gi

absolute divisions.

“There was nobody to fight today in the gi division, which I would have loved to have done. So I

signed up to do the no-gi elite division with nobody in my weight, so I moved up to 100kg division

and won gold in that, followed by the absolute where I won gold in that with all fights by