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Travelling Teams:  Niall Wilson, Team Torres Derry

Travelling Teams: Niall Wilson, Team Torres Derry

Each BJJ24.7 event attracts many competitors, from many backgrounds, from many teams and from

many countries. Each competitor has their own story and BJJ 24.7 spoke with Niall Wilson, who flew

into Liverpool before catching the bus to Manchester to compete.

Niall travelled alone and proudly represented his team, displaying his team’s colours on the day.

“I’m from Derry, Northern Ireland and I represent Team Torres, who represent our head coach

Sebastian Torres. Our lineage is from Alessandro Charuto, from Brasilia, Brazil and that’s what makes

I am came with no team, no coaches, I just decided to fly over and represent.”

Niall is regular face at our events and BJJ 24.7 happily rewarded Niall a gift, a free gi, for taking so

much time, money and effort to regular compete for top spot on the podium.

“For me, it started last year in November. I’d just come back from Brazil and I wanted to jump into a

competition real quick because I felt sharp. The promotion held the Liverpool Open so I flew over

and competed there. I quickly realised it was a particularly well ran competition. It’s cheap to get

transport over here and they give me something to come back for and here I am.

The reason I came over, even though there’s so many competitions in Ireland, is I knew you will see

a different kind of game over here. You tend to see and face the same competition, time after time,

staying local. Every time you compete, there’s a good chance you’ll fight somebody again. I’ve found

that by travelling you’re seeing a different style, you’re getting a different taste for it and you’re

seeing a different part of the world. I would encourage everybody.

BJJ247 is delighted to welcome increasing amounts of international competitors to its events and

Niall would encourage his team mates and fellow competitors to consider flying in

It’s not expensive, I got flights for £40 return and the bus was £12 so if you’re prepared to sacrifice

that bit of money, then travel and Jiu-Jitsu is for you. I’ve found that a lot of people just want to

compete in their own town but you’ll just learn how to fight against those same styles.”

Niall’s commitment rewarded him with a bronze medal that he’ll happily take home with him to

Derry and he believes his experience has served him well for future competitions.

“I competed in the gi at 82.5kgs and that’s the lightest I’ve ever got down in my life, so I feel happy. I

faced a really tough guy in the first round and unfortunately I left my arm hanging and got arm

barred – I’m disgusted at that! But you know, it was good experience and you can’t win them all.

I also competed in no-gi in the -86kg category and the absolute, where I got d’arced by a monster.

But I’ve been taught some things I wouldn’t have been by not coming, it’s lit a fire in my belly and

being here has motivated me to do better and look towards lots of competitions coming up.