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Travelling Teams: Rachel Golden, Carlson Gracie Kent

Travelling Teams: Rachel Golden, Carlson Gracie Kent

A white belt who has ram raided pretty much every competition she can for gold medals, Carlson Gracie Kent’s Rachel Golden has become a formidable force on the domestic circuit and continued to reinforce her bid to become a future leading lady in Jiu-Jitsu at the BJJ247 Birmingham International.She left the Doug Ellis Woodcock Sports Centre with a total of three gold medals and a silver,competing in both gi and nogi divisions, taking her competition attendance average to 2.5 tournaments a month and marking her sixth consecutive weekend in Jiu-Jitsu.Before leaving back to Kent, Golden spoke to BJJ247.Proudly wearing her four medals, she explained her story and her attitude to Jiu-Jitsu

“I train at Carlson Gracie Academy in Tonbridge, Kent, under Dave Broughton – a black belt under Wilson Junior. I’ve been training about fourteen months and I started competing within about two months or so of training. This year I’ve been competing most weekends. I’ve now done six competitions in a row and Birmingham is my 15th of the year.

“I’ve managed to take gold at the British, gold at the Welsh, gold at the Irish, gold at the English nogi,gold at the welsh nogi, a double gold at NAGA and some other golds. All my medals are at the gym at the moment, sadly in an envelope, we’re going to do something with them soon!

Golden’s persistence clearly pays off, but how does she do it? It seems consistency and commitment

“Normally I will try to train most days, going training in the evening and the gym in the morning and then I’ll have one day off before competing. I tend to be more gi-focused with it being more heavily timetabled, but I enjoy both so I try practice in both as much as I can. We also have a wrestling coach come down once a month too, so I’m starting to do that and I visit other Carlson’s gyms when I can.

“It helps watching Jiu-Jitsu in competition too.” Golden explained. “I don’t do it all day but I like to watch people who have something similar to my own game and maybe they’re doing something a little different. You can look at them and see that they might get a submission you can’t from the same position so you can see what they’re doing differently. I’ve found competing helps the most, it allows you to really try and work things in that you’ve been training and I’ve improved so much.

Golden is convinced that competitors can compete on a shoestring budget and shared her tips on travelling within a budget. It seems to be more of a case of fighting to travel, as much as travelling to fight – the benefits of which can help both your bank balance and your togetherness as a team.

“I came up last night and stayed in Backpackers. I travel a lot, I’ve done Portugal, I went up to Scotland one week in February and then the week after I was in Newquay. I went to Dublin last month too. My bus here and back was, I think, £11, if you don’t mind sharing a dorm overnight,Backpackers hostels can be really cheap or you could even get the overnight bus.

“I travel with my team when they go, but I’m lucky enough to not have any other commitments outside of this and work, but people with families and work commitments can have other stuff going on. So I’ll travel with my team if they’re going but I can often be found going off and doing my own little things to compete.

We have some brilliant trips away when we travel as a team. You become so much closer to those who you train with when you’re on the road.”With women’s BJJ starting to get the encouragement it deserves, Golden shared some parting thoughts on what Jiu-Jitsu has done for her as a female who goes out and competes – and what it could do for you too.

“I think, especially as a woman, competing is extremely beneficial because at the gym there may only be one or two other women. We have a few but at some gyms, there are women out there with nobody to train with properly at the same size.” Golden expanded. “It’s great to try stuff on people the same size because, let’s face it, when some people are bicep curling out of your arm bar it’s really good to know that actually, it does work. So it’s a massive thing, you get to meet other women who train and make new friends which is always cool.